absolutely impurfekt.

It’s the name of the next album.

I’ve already figured out the track selection and order:

  1. “We” – by my friend Tom Hamilton and the SPLAT! band (RIP P.C.)
  2. “She’s Everything to Me” – I started writing this in ’91 – time to finish it
  3. “Stranger’s Arms” – a remake of the 1977 David Sanborn vocal (what??)
  4. “Absolutely Impurfekt” -oh, the challenge of writing lyrics!
  5. “Not Like This” – the classic Al Jarreau ballad
  6. “The New York City Strut” – Will & Cliff – I will make you proud….thank you for letting record this!!

I was planning on recording the record this year, but pneumonia and getting healthy (both physically and mentally) altered my plans….

I’m actually glad that I didn’t record it yet – when I did the last record 14 years ago, I recorded it in hopes of getting a background vocalist gig with a major artist. In doing so, I was too much of a perfectionist, and in hindsight, I didn’t enjoy the experience the way I could have (and should have).

This one will be different -going into the studio at age 50 or 51 (or 52, but definitely before 53) brings a different perspective, maturity, and knowing that the ONLY goal this time is to enjoy the experience, have fun, and try to do my best….if it has a flaw or two – so what!

Absolutely Impurfekt….that’s the way I want to be.

Published by ltrainlane

Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

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