three views of a secret.

Thank you, Jaco.

One of the things that drives me absolutely fucking crazy…I’m a passionate musician…there’s a big difference between this and being a show off or an attention whore.

During my online-free summer, I’ve been truly blessed to play with the Ryan Forrester Band. This is truly all about the music – I say this because it has been such a joy to play as a sideman, and be practically anonymous…it’s been refreshing to have people tell me that they enjoy the music we make because they can see the passion we have for the music, and the fun we have making the music.

So here are my “three views of this secret”:

1. Find pure joy in the things you truly love…when I sing and play music, nothing else matters.

2. The smaller the audience, the better….I’d rather play for five people who can appreciate my joy and passion for performing instead of a few hundred people who could give a rat’s ass.

3. Just keep swimming….one of the pure joys of being 50 – I’m not everyone’s cup of tea when I perform…for those whom I’m not, that’s OK; for those that genuinely support me, you have my genuine gratitude.

Why did I thank Jaco Pastorius at the beginning of this post? One of his best quotes was “It ain’t showing off if you can back it up.” To me, it goes one step further….”it’s not bragging, showing off, or craving attention…it’s about having fun doing what you love, and thats ALL THAT MATTERS.”

L Train, 11/6/2019

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