friends and family.

This was an amazing weekend. I reunited and reconnected with a lot of friends that I don’t see very often, plus I got to spend time with my family.

The Stowe family. ❤️
With Natalie Walters, one of my dearest college friends!

It was pure joy to go to the Ithaca football game at the Meadowlands…to see close friends, and to also reunite with friends from college was truly a joy. It was nice to reminisce and talk about our journeys since our time at IC. Time truly is a great equalizer…there were people there from college that I wasn’t close friends with (or even friends with, for that matter), but everyone seemed genuinely glad to see each other.

Ithaca College School of Music alums at the Meadowlands!

I also got to see my brother Lee, my sister-in-law Margaret and my niece Claire. As Jenn and I don’t get up to Woodstock that often, it was a blessing for us to spend quality time with family yesterday.

With my niece Claire.
With Beth Cooley in DC! 😊😊😊

This afternoon I got to spend time with a friend who is truly special to me. We’ve had our ups and our downs, but today we got the chance to catch up and talk. This meant a lot to me, as they are a friend in the truest sense of the word, and I hope they are a friend of mine for life.

With my brother Lee, and fellow IC alum Jonathan “Fishbuddy”’ Dunitz.

Although it’s been nice to post a lot of pictures and video from the weekend, it felt good to actually talk and have real conversations instead of texting. After realizing the impact of FOMO, I realize just how much social media can be a trigger for me, and I probably won’t be on there much longer. I’m choosing to stay focused on my real friends and my family, as that’s what matters most.😊

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