water music.

It feels good to have a gig on the calendar. As much as I’ve been enjoying a break from the music grind, there’s still an excitement that gets me energized when I know there’s an opportunity to make great music with others.

This past weekend we had a “socially distanced” rehearsal for the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet down at Lake Anna in Central Virginia. The leader of our group has a beautiful house right on the lake, and we had plenty of opportunities to relax as well as rehearse. I actually kayaked a few miles on the lake, but more importantly, Jenn and I took the time to relax (both on land and in a float on the water) and just take in the beauty around us.

Music truly soothes my soul…to sing with this amazingly talented group is very invigorating. Although I still struggle with the fact that my friend Andre is no longer with us on this earth, his presence was definitely felt throughout the weekend, as we took time to remember him this weekend, and the tremendous impact he had on all of us as a member of this group. I will always sing in his honor, and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Sunset at Lake Anna. (photo by Jenn Stowe)

There’s a certain feeling/sensation when 4-part harmony is sung with perfect blend and focus. I felt this way throughout our rehearsal on Saturday. We haven’t rehearsed as a full group since last summer, but we picked up right where we left off. Having the time to relax (and kayak) and focus prior to rehearsal helped to get me “in the zone” to rehearse, as I was able to clear my head of any distractions.

I know that our gig next month will be phenomenal – although we’ll have the challenges of COVID protocols, the four of us will be ready to do what we do best….plus it’s at Lake Anne (not to be confused with Lake Anna), so the concert will take place in a beautiful setting on a (hopefully) clear summer evening.

Perhaps I should bring the kayak?

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