getting back what you give.

Today did not go as I thought it would…..and that WASN’T a bad thing.

Sometimes something unexpected happens, and it takes you in an unexpected direction…..and it allows you to show genuine kindness and put others first. That was my day today.

I was able to catch up with a friend, and do something kind and helpful for her and her five-year-old granddaughter, as they had an emergency situation. As we all have our struggles and challenges, it truly felt good to have the opportunity to go above and beyond for a friend in need.

Doing something to put a smile on other faces can really go a long way.

I’m not writing this to “toot my own horn”….I’m hoping for some really good karma this week. All day today I just kept thinking about the importance of treating people the way we want to be treated, and how I feel thankful to have people in my life that won’t let me fall through the cracks. With all the hate in our society right now, acts of kindness are incredibly needed. And I believe that the universe will reciprocate for those who not only care for others, but who do so with genuine compassion and support, expecting nothing in return.

I genuinely hope that today makes a positive difference for friends I really care about. Karma isn’t just a bitch – it can also be a tremendous blessing.

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Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

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