Today I have the utmost respect for Ed McMahon, Paul Shaffer, and all the cats that were in the Rat Pack with Sinatra.

I am my dog’s sidekick. This makes me very happy. As I’m not playing any gigs in the near or extended future, I needed to do something to stay creative. Having the greatest dog in the world has made this incredibly easy.

Otto definitely has personality – he’s already a celebrity in our neighborhood, as neighbors that I don’t know call him out by name. He’s also a huge (literally) hit at doggy daycare, as the staff is very excited when I drop him off, and his daily report cards are exceptional.

Although Otto is not a “therapy dog”, he has been very helpful to me in dealing with my depression. My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) anxiety has decreased significantly, as my free time is spent taking Otto to the dog park, and taking him out for his nightly walks before going to bed. He likes riding with me in the car, and doesn’t bark at my musical selections. I’m pretty sure that Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues” is one of his favorites!

Chillin’ with “The Big Dog.”

Otto has his own social media, and I enjoy being creative with his posts, as I try to connect them to his personality as much as possible. It’s not hard to feel like a proud parent, as I see how Otto’s protective instincts have been helpful to myself and to others.

For all of these things listed, I’m proud to be Otto’s sidekick. He has filled an incredible void in my life, and he loves everyone unconditionally. My focus is on him, not on dwelling about my perceived flaws or shortcomings about myself. I love that people are so happy to see him, and that I can stand in the background and see the joy he brings to others.

Chauffeur, Bodyguard, PR Man. Greatest sidekick gig ever. 🐶❤️😊

He is The Floofinator – and I’m thankful to be the Robin to his Batman, the Pete Townsend to his Roger Daltrey, and the Scottie Pippen to his Michael Jordan.

Sidekick – it suits me.

Published by ltrainlane

Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

3 thoughts on “sidekick.

  1. Absolutely love this. I can do relate to almost all of it. Thanks for sharing Lane. And thank you floorinator for filling a void of a great guy. Matz and Otto look alike although Matz is much smaller. They are the best. Xoxoxo

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    1. Thanks, Stefanie…..there are a couple of things that have happened in the last couple of years that crushed my spirit….Otto has helped me to put a lot of negative stuff behind me, and to not dwell on it.

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