cruising again.

Saturday cannot get here soon enough….it’s not because I’m having a bad week – for the first time since September of 2019, I’m doing a gig with the Cruise Control Band up in Hershey PA.

This is truly one of my favorite bands with whom I perform. Top-notch musicians, and great friends. It’s been really tough not seeing everyone in the band because of the pandemic, and as excited as I am to play music with everyone, I’m even more excited to just see them, and have a fun evening (and maybe even have a good bandwich!)…

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Cruise Control Band.

I’ve been playing music professionally for 34 years….between the All-Night Band and the Cruise Control Band, I’ve been very blessed. There’s a natural rapport and chemistry that takes place when you work with the right people – it’s even stronger when you’re focused on playing music and finding that perfect sound and blend. I have missed this tremendously over the past 21 months, and I can hardly wait to do that again on Saturday night.

Only a few more days until Cruise Control will be smooth sailing again.

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