turning the page.

2022. We’re only a few hours into the new year, and I feel more optimistic than I did for the majority of 2021. It’s been over 30 days since my last post….a big reason is that even though the last month has been very challenging and stressful, I didn’t feel the need to blog as a way of coping.

Confession – I always have dreaded New Year’s, because I always focused on the negative things that I knew would be taking place in my life (divorce, loved ones dying, financial stress points) in the months that were ahead. I start this year with a renewed sense of purpose….I’m fully aware of the challenging events that will be taking place this year, but I know that not only will I get through them, but regardless of their outcome, I’ll learn, I’ll grow, and I’ll be a better person for having gone through them.

Looking forward to curling up with a good book.

That why my mindset is about “turning the page”…every day is a new chapter. I’m so thankful for the people who have inspired me and continue to inspire me, and for the new people who came into my life in the past year, who have helped me to find new perspective, perseverance, and new creativity.

Most new year resolutions we have tend to be about losing weight or a particular goal (running a marathon, reading X number of books, remodeling the den, etc.)….I wanted (needed) to have a resolution that challenges me each and every day this year…my resolution for 2022 is to connect with people from my past who encouraged me (even if I didn’t realize it then), value the people that currently inspire me, and try to inspire others, especially those who may feel like they’re not worthy of support and encouragement. It doesn’t cost a thing, but it’s a resolution that could be invaluable. This is what I’m taking into 2022….may it be filled with love, laughter, friendship and plenty of joy.

This new chapter cannot be written until I turn the page.

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Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

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