kanye and the christoholics.

Talk about the world’s worst band name.

I’m developing a love/hate relationship with organized religion. I love the religions that GENUINELY teach the importance of loving one another, regardless of race, gender, creed or preference. I have absolutely no tolerance towards any religious beliefs that preach division, or that one religion is correct or better than another. And I truly detest those who target a particular religion or group with hatred. This leads me to the world’s worst band name.

I will never understand Kanye West. I’ve always said that I’ve hated him, but now I say that I truly don’t understand him, as I completely disagree with his mindset and his “art”. His recent anti-Semitic comments make me beyond infuriated. They have no merit, no purpose, and it’s a sick way of staying relevant in the media. Andy Warhol is most likely rolling in his grave, as Kanye’s 15 minutes of fame cannot end soon enough.

How much longer must we live in such a world of collision?

I also have zero tolerance for those who use the Bible as a weapon, using passages taken out of text as their reason for spewing hatred. Between Westboro Baptist Church, Pat Robertson and all of the “Pray TV” ministers, I’ve never seen such a parallel between religion and addiction. It starts with peer pressure, leading to a false sense of reality, becoming a “I don’t have a problem….you’re the problem!” mindset, like their belief is the ONLY correct belief, but it’s practically ass backwards. People who follow blindly, and can’t see the destruction they’re doing to others as well as themselves. How is this different from addiction? These are the people I refer to as “Christoholics”, as it’s more of an obsession than a respect of all people.

As a society, until we move past this closed-mindedness, we will never progress and evolve. We see the “WWJD” situations every day, but yet we can’t agree on an answer. God (or whatever higher powers we choose) does not have a leader board like The Masters golf tournament, with one religion ahead of the other. And no religion deserves to be condemned. Who knows – perhaps if we didn’t have centuries of hatred, we’d be farther advanced in so many different ways.

As for Kanye and the Christoholics, they’re a band that should be permanently unplugged.

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