what can a miracle do?

Thank you Will, Luther, Don, Randy and Mike. I watched an incredible movie last night. The movie was “The Last Full Measure”, based on the true story of Air Force Sgt. William Pitsenbarger, an Air Force paratrooper who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. In April of 1966, he chose to be dropped from hisContinue reading “what can a miracle do?”

(no longer) uninspired….

It’s been a while. I needed to reboot, for many many reasons. I’m feeling better. (Thank you, The Headspace Show on Netflix for being the pleasant surprise along my journey.) I challenged myself today….I’m making myself write, even though I don’t feel like saying much. Like any good habit, the more you let it slide,Continue reading “(no longer) uninspired….”

i’m a narcissistic, insecure, social media whore…..

……and I’ve caused a lot of damage to people my entire life. Sandy Quaranda, Melissa Fisher, Jennifer Gray, Amanda Donis, Peggy Dyer, Lori Petramale, Tina Pratt, Bonnie Longbotham, Michal Sears Stowe and Jennifer Otto Mendez Stowe – I’M TRULY SORRY. To friends and fellow students and colleagues I’ve hurt along the way – Anne DeWitt,Continue reading “i’m a narcissistic, insecure, social media whore…..”

finding the true core of my creative soul.

Exactly two weeks from today, I’m going to be 52 years old. For my birthday gift to myself, I’ve made a promise to not be afraid of challenging my true capabilities, out of such a fear of failure. Whether it’s writing new lyrics again, or becoming more fluent with the software I use with myContinue reading “finding the true core of my creative soul.”

my dog just ate your honors student.

One thing I remember very well from high school…..The Honor Society. I don’t remember it from being a member – I remember it more because of the snobby, “I’m smarter than you” attitude of the members in this “elite club.” I remember being teased about my grades not being good enough, or that my averageContinue reading “my dog just ate your honors student.”

a different kind of musical challenge.

“If you enjoy the view, it’s a mighty nice life.” I’d love to say that I’m quoting a famous actor or entertainer with this quote, but truth be told, I was almost 100% sure that these were the lyrics from an R&B song I have not heard (and lyrics I obviously don’t remember) since 1983.Continue reading “a different kind of musical challenge.”