8 things, based on 5+3.

On this my 53rd birthday, I’m thankful for the following: Family – and that’s not just blood relatives. Laughter – there’s been a lot of that this weekend. Self-forgiveness…it’s very powerful and freeing. Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream – self explanatory. Otto’s naps…..he looks so incredibly peaceful. Cloudy days with no rain….I canContinue reading “8 things, based on 5+3.”

there is no i in blog.

Greetings from an undisclosed location in the Northeast! If ever there was a place to go to process a lot of emotional information, this is the place! One of the challenges of blogging/journaling is how to write about the emotions/experiences on any given day without it coming across as narcissistic. Writing is incredibly therapeutic, butContinue reading “there is no i in blog.”

carlton urkel…..I HATE that motherf%#*&@$!!!

Never have I been so thankful to have a blog title without any CAPS. Here’s the scary part….this blog tried to capitalize Urkel as a recognized name. Are you fucking kidding me? The reason that I say HATE (and I know it’s a very strong word) is that for the majority of my life, IContinue reading “carlton urkel…..I HATE that motherf%#*&@$!!!”

sorry kermit, sometimes it just sucks being green.

7 more years. In 7 years, I’ll be 59 1/2, and I’m going to retire. I would love to say that I’ve had an illustrious career, but honestly I haven’t. My career has had some incredible highs (as well as some truly demoralizing lows), but it’s allowed me to pay my bills and learn someContinue reading “sorry kermit, sometimes it just sucks being green.”