8 things i’m thankful for. 8/4/2020

The joy of listening to CD’s I haven’t listened to in years. The sound of rain on the roof. My incredibly supportive wife, who loves me to the moon and back. Rizzoli & Isles reruns on the Lifetime channel. Starbucks’ Guava Iced Tea. The unexpected bursts of creative energy that take me by surprise, andContinue reading “8 things i’m thankful for. 8/4/2020”

8 things i’m thankful for. (not including the new wheels)

The incredibly awesome gig with the Ryan Forrester Band on Saturday night. (Plus it was nice to be called “L Train” again.) Being involved and engaged in positive, healthy conversation about diversity, where the main focus is to be respectful of each other. The importance of not just listening, but taking the time to trulyContinue reading “8 things i’m thankful for. (not including the new wheels)”

8 things i’m thankful for.(while technically off the grid)

That I’m wonderful 88% of the time. That even though I lack culinary skills, I now know how to “bake my own cake”: (1/4 cup kindness, 3/4 cup funny, 1/4 cup smart, 1/16 generosity, 2 cups creativity, 1/8 cup impatience and overly critical, 1/16 cup determination, 1/8 cup resilience); compliments and insults are just icing.Continue reading “8 things i’m thankful for.(while technically off the grid)”

musicals….from the meadowlands?

I know this idea sounds completely crazy, but it’s 2020, and nothing has been normal this year. Yes, when we go to musicals, the sets and backgrounds are a key component of the production, but what do we remember more than anything else? The characters, the songs, and the amazing choreography. With the technology that’sContinue reading “musicals….from the meadowlands?”

souvenir. (aka EMDR and facing my fears)

“Yesterdays disappear, and your memory’s my only souvenir.” – Ricky Peterson, from the title track of his album “Souvenir” Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve needed to find closure on a few issues, some dating as far back as 1992. I’ve had this crippling fear in my head of EVERYTHING that could go wrongContinue reading “souvenir. (aka EMDR and facing my fears)”