8 years of lousy football….i’ve had enough.

I haven’t watched a single New York Giants game this year….the incompetency from ownership all the way down to the players is beyond pathetic. I’ve been a fan for 45 years…this is the worst it’s been since the mid-to-late ‘70’s…this team has no sense of direction, and they are truly unwatchable. Poetic justice would beContinue reading “8 years of lousy football….i’ve had enough.”

perhaps you thought i was kidding?

What I learned from my Facebook-one-day-return-and-leave experience from yesterday….. It was nice to reconnect with people, but I still prefer not being on there, at least not on a regular basis; I’m glad that the blog now has a bigger audience; Zuckerberg still gets the last laugh, as I have to keep the account openContinue reading “perhaps you thought i was kidding?”

three views of a secret.

Thank you, Jaco. One of the things that drives me absolutely fucking crazy…I’m a passionate musician…there’s a big difference between this and being a show off or an attention whore. During my online-free summer, I’ve been truly blessed to play with the Ryan Forrester Band. This is truly all about the music – I sayContinue reading “three views of a secret.”

the L train is accepting new passengers.

I decided to go to ‘the dark side’ (Facebook) to clean up my friends list, in the event that I ever decide to go back on a regular basis…while I was there, I figured, “What the heck – put the blog link out there!” so people know that I’m still here (somebody actually asked ifContinue reading “the L train is accepting new passengers.”