finding the true core of my creative soul.

Exactly two weeks from today, I’m going to be 52 years old. For my birthday gift to myself, I’ve made a promise to not be afraid of challenging my true capabilities, out of such a fear of failure. Whether it’s writing new lyrics again, or becoming more fluent with the software I use with myContinue reading “finding the true core of my creative soul.”

my dog just ate your honors student.

One thing I remember very well from high school…..The Honor Society. I don’t remember it from being a member – I remember it more because of the snobby, “I’m smarter than you” attitude of the members in this “elite club.” I remember being teased about my grades not being good enough, or that my averageContinue reading “my dog just ate your honors student.”

a different kind of musical challenge.

“If you enjoy the view, it’s a mighty nice life.” I’d love to say that I’m quoting a famous actor or entertainer with this quote, but truth be told, I was almost 100% sure that these were the lyrics from an R&B song I have not heard (and lyrics I obviously don’t remember) since 1983.Continue reading “a different kind of musical challenge.”

8 things for which i’m thankful…..the cypress edition.

1. My awesome wife, who is not a nudist but supports me 1000% in my love of the clothing-optional lifestyle. 2. That I’m getting the “Pastry Chef” award tomorrow, for getting through the week without burning my buns. 3. My family and friends who totally understand where I am this week, and the reason whyContinue reading “8 things for which i’m thankful…..the cypress edition.”

fallen idol. (aka drop a falling star)

One of the hardest doses of reality is when your childhood heroes are not who you always thought they’d be. After O.J. Simpson, I never thought I’d have such another major disappointment. This week felt like an all-time low, based on a “legal technicality.” Like millions of Americans, I used to hold Bill Cosby inContinue reading “fallen idol. (aka drop a falling star)”

and the band will play on…(for stacey)

This one REALLY hurts. I found out that one of my best friends from high school passed away this week. He wasn’t just a best friend – he was also the person with whom I played my very first “professional” gig 36 years ago. Stacey Waterous and I became friends when we were in highContinue reading “and the band will play on…(for stacey)”