doesn’t anybody take sunday drives anymore?

If you asked me about the majority of my childhood memories, I could easily tell you that they revolve around music and riding in the car. Whether it was trips to Boston or to Missouri to see family, or just riding around locally, I cannot remember a time where music was not an integral partContinue reading “doesn’t anybody take sunday drives anymore?”

my body moves, and my brain grooves.

I had to make a conscious effort to write this morning. As the days have all started to become a blur during this quarantine, it’s been a challenge to get motivated on some days when life has become incredibly routine, and not necessarily in a good way. There are a great number of people whoContinue reading “my body moves, and my brain grooves.”

8 things for which i’m very thankful.

The care, compassion and forgiveness that I see from friends, family, and strangers. The resiliency of our society, as we’re “all in this together.” The daily connection with both new friends and with long-time friends. Days with more sunlight, and with warmer temperatures. Socially-distanced walking. Great co-workers, who check in on each other, and tryContinue reading “8 things for which i’m very thankful.”

mental sunlight. (aka kicking depression in the ass)

I needed to write this morning. I felt this burst of energy that would not let me fall back asleep, even though its Saturday morning at 7:21 am, and I don’t have to get up for anything this morning. My close friends and some of my family are aware of this, and I’ve gone backContinue reading “mental sunlight. (aka kicking depression in the ass)”

8 things for which i’m thankful. 2/24/20

That I not only got through last week, but I felt a genuine outpouring of love and support as well. The wonderful folks at both Washington Street UMC in Alexandria and at CSLMetro in Arlington. That we turn the clocks forward in 13 days. The new XFL – it’s nice to see players who areContinue reading “8 things for which i’m thankful. 2/24/20”

i really like brussel sprouts.

This is one those times that I’m thankful that blog writing has been such a tremendous asset and a very helpful outlet for me. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re a powder keg until you explode. It can be an outward meltdown, or a internal reaction that just makes you shut down completely. My depressionContinue reading “i really like brussel sprouts.”