ottopalooza. (aka it’s definitely not about me anymore.)

We got a puppy. We got a very happy puppy. We got a very BIG puppy.

We adopted Otto from a rescue shelter in Williamsburg VA yesterday, and it truly has been one of the happiest things that I’ve ever done.


People tell you that when it’s your own pet, you instantly feel this level of love that you haven’t experienced. I totally agree with this! The first thing Otto did when we first saw him was to put his head in Jenn’s lap, then he stood up on his hind legs and hugged me! Jenn and I both knew right away that we wanted to take him home!

On the ride home.

Getting him in the car was pretty easy, and we thought it was a piece of cake….until he hopped into the back section of the SUV and found some of his food! After that, he was a good puppy the rest of the way home….he actually slept for the majority of the 2 1/2 hour ride home.

My new co-pilot.

Otto has quickly acclimated to his new surroundings….he’s more than made himself comfy on the couches and chairs, and he feels right at home. He was a little scared his first night in his new crate, so I slept on the couch next to his crate, and he seemed to be ok throughout the night.

Making himself right at home.

Otto gave us a quick scare this afternoon, as he was able to open the screen door, and he decided to go sightseeing in the neighborhood! Our neighbors didn’t let him get too far, and he was back home pretty quickly.

Look at that face!!

Right now he’s sleeping in his new Extra Large dog bed, and we’re watching football….as the Giants beat the Eagles today, I attribute this to good karma from our new pup. As Jenn’s an Eagles fan, I’m sure she begs to differ.

Out for a morning stroll.

Although things aren’t great with Lauryn right now, I sincerely hope that she’ll get to know and love Otto (how can anyone not love such a beautiful dog?), as I know he will bring her joy the same way he has already brought joy to so many people. It’s a wonderful feeling to have Otto as part of our family…..pets truly love unconditionally, and they really bring out the best in us.

Truly a dog day afternoon.

It’s Otto’s world….I’m very glad just to be a part of it. 😊❤️🐶

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