blank page.

For most of my life, things have felt hectic. Life has always felt like I’m doing 70 mph in a 55 mile zone. Like the hamster on the wheel, it’s been go go go, with no slowing down.

I watched an interview with Mister Rogers, and he made a point about the blank spaces and pages we see as we read books. It’s the silence that makes us pause and reflect what we’ve just read and experienced.

I’ve been thinking about my life in chapters….I know that my next major chapter will be retirement – only six more years to go! What I’ve come to realize is that I’m at the end of the chapter….

Convertible today…..RV tomorrow?

It’s not that I don’t ever want to play music again, but I’m scaling way back. If it ain’t fun, I’m not doing it. It’s not about the money or the attention. I’m happy just playing bass for my friend Octavia, or the occasional Cruise Control gig….other than that, I just love chillin at home with my dog. Simple and quiet…just like that blank space at the end of a busy chapter….

Being “in between chapters” has allowed me to think about what the next part of my life will be like….some of my friends and family know that I’m thinking about getting an RV. I wanna visit the “flyover” states and see parts of the country for which I have great curiosity. This piques my interest more than anything else right now, and I would’ve never realized this without taking the time to stop and reflect. For this I’m truly thankful for those blank spaces and blank pages that makes us slow down, with an attitude of gratitude.

Can’t you just visualize me and Otto rolling down the Highway in a tricked-out motor home?

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Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

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