As I’m writing this post, I’m laying in bed listening to Otto snoring on the hardwood floor, and I’m thinking, “Holy crap! I’m a grandfather!” Although I knew this was going to happen, the feeling I have now is much more exciting than I could have ever imagined.

I was asked what I wanted to be called….Grandpa sounds like I’m on The Waltons, and Pop-Pop was my father-in-law’s name, and out of the utmost respect, that name was never an option. I decided to go with “G”, as it has that Men in Black feel to it, and as little Milo learns the alphabet, it’ll be easy for him to remember. As an added bonus, a lot of my Georgetown swag just has the letter G, so I now have another excuse to wear it regularly.

As Milo grows up, I look forward to the curiosity and wonder that he’ll experience. I hope and pray that he grows up in a world that is more peaceful and humane than our world has been. I know that he’ll always know he is loved, and that he will have family that will be there for him always.


What type of “G” should I be? The type that always has change in his pocket to give to his grandchildren? The kind who wears khakis and New Balance sneakers, or do I become the porkpie-hat-wearing-pipe-smoking-listening-to-Miles-Davis-in-his-Cadillac “G”? I guess time will tell. And of course there could be “G with the RV”….with each passing day, the things that I used to do to define myself seem far less important. Like Bleek at the end of the movie “Mo Better Blues”, music feels more like something I want to pass on to Milo and future grandchildren as they get older, and gigs seem like something that’s more and more in the rear view mirror.

G. Who I’m happy and proud to be.

What I do know is this – I’m incredibly proud to be Milo’s granddad – I hope to spoil him with love and affection, and to always be there for him. That would be the best gift of all. And as a G-Man, I’ll always have his back!

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Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

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