random thoughts while lying on the couch.

You know how sometimes somebody will put an idea in your head that inspires you? That happened to me tonight. In full disclosure, my pain meds have put me in a happy place, and it’s also a place where I feel most creative.

I’m laying here listening to Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage”, and Freddie Hubbard’s trumpet solo is mesmerizing…I’ll never be a trumpet player of his caliber, but to hear such creativity and precision blows my mind.

I’ve heard a lot of conversations about the fear of flying right now because of COVID it makes me chuckle a little bit and think about my mom’s reason for not flying, which I could never argue with her…she said when it was her time to go, it was her time to go, but she said she’d be damned if she’d be on the plane when it was the pilots time to go….one of the many one-liners that I miss from Katy Stowe…

There are some days where I can write lyrics with ease, and there are days when I can write music with ease….I just wish these would both fall on the same day, as I have songs and lyrics that don’t match, and it drives me batshit crazy…

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about doing another internet radio show…I LOVED doing the Have Groove, Will Travel show, but the format and logistics (and softwatre) were very frustrating. It was very inspiring to share music that deserved airplay that was never received, and it was fun to share stories about the songs and artists, including having some of the artists calling in….if anyone has any ideas or suggestions (or wants to co-host) please let me know….

It’s nice to sometimes express thoughts on the couch, without paying $150 to do so at the therapist’s office.

The question I have for all my friends tonight is this – what inspires you? We can all talk about our material stuff, but when you strip all of that stuff away, what’s the thing that inspires us the most? This has weighed heavily on my mind these past few weeks, as we’re seeing people losing loved ones, and finding new ways to get through each day. Inspiration fosters positivity, and in some cases, incredible creativity.

I realized just how much I miss live concerts right now – I love going to see someone perform, and then being inspired to listen to their albums the next day, because I hear them differently…I live for that! I love that feeling when you see the connection that person has with their audience, and how it brings everyone together….we really need that right now. I know that when I do go back to playing gigs, it will be with this mindset, because it’s a different way to connect with people that will hopefully be well received.

You know that feeling when you connect with a long lost friend, or you connect with a new friend with whom you have a lot in common? How AWESOME is that feeling? Good friends are like watching soap operas….you might be away from each other for a long time, but when you reconnect you’re instantly caught up. I also love connecting with new friends who I have a lot of commonalities, because I have new friends who I know 100 times better than some friends I’ve had for years! And it just flows…more often than not, these become the friends I have for life.

I needed to write tonight, and I’m thankful that a wonderful friend asked me if I’d be blogging, as that TRULY inspired me (thanks, Rachele!)…are my thoughts as little random and scattered? Heck yeah! We all think and communicate differently…when I’m “scatterbrained”, that’s when my creativity is in overdrive. My words can’t keep up with my thoughts, and I love when that happens. I am an introverted extrovert – sometimes it happens in a room full of people where my mind goes into full-on creative mode, and I get quiet or perceived as disinterested. That’s when I’m in the zone, and it’s almost impossible to multitask (carry on a conversation) while my thoughts become incredibly creative (and sometimes random beyond words!)….I have another friend Holly who is an extroverted introvert, and we’re starting to pick each other brains as to what makes us tick. (And yes, this inspires and challenges my creative mind in a very unique way).

I remember being in grade school, and teachers would say that I wasn’t paying attention. I specifically remember getting in trouble in 5th grade for “zoning out” during class, because in my head I was trying to figure out the horn parts on Earth Wind & Fire’s song “In The Stone”….how do you even try to explain that as a 10-year-old? I ALWAYS have a song in my head, and this definitely attributes to my ADHD. For fun, I’ll be listening to one song, while singing a completely different song in my head, to ensure that I learn both songs. This makes no sense whatsoever, but it totally works for me (for the record, while listening to Herbie, I was listening to Quincy Jones “Ai No Corrida” in my head….don’t ask me why.)

Wow, this was a fun brain dump! I haven’t just let my thoughts flow like this for quite a while….for anyone who thinks this is too random, try reading this out loud while listening to a book on tape….you might just surprise yourself! 😂

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Musician, Customer Service Manager, Husband, Father, New York Giants fan, happy-go-lucky (sometimes clothing optional) free spirit....that pretty much sums it up.

2 thoughts on “random thoughts while lying on the couch.

  1. Great job! Yes it is as random as I thought it would be. Who knows one day you may inspire me to put my pen to work on paper (so to speak) until then I will continue to enjoy your writings as they come. Stay blessed!

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